What is the New Hope Influencer Co-op?
This Co-op is a network of today's top natural health and wellness influencers. Members come here to get content on a variety of health topics that they use to educate their audiences, whether that means using the content to inform their next blog post or social post or directly posting the text and images we provide. Members can apply to be part of our quarterly natural products sampling program, and they can also apply for opportunities to work with natural product brands or retailers on special marketing campaigns.

Who are we?
If you're here as a member, it's because we think you're doing some of the best work out there to provide valuable content for audiences who crave all things healthy and natural. At New Hope Network, our mission has always been simple: to bring more health to more people. We're thrilled to be partnering with you to broaden the conversation about the power of healthy, natural living on the web and to use our collective influence as a force for good.

This community is diverse, but united around our passion to inspire health. We are made up of

  • credentialed health experts (RDs, RNs, certified nutrition specialists, certified fitness instructors, certified yoga instructors, holistic health practitioners, nutritional therapy practitioners, and more)
  • passionate health advocates who are culturally relevant because of your fresh take and beautiful content that inspires wellness
  • people living and thriving by navigating our way to wellness despite living with a chronic illness
  • marketing and media specialists

Not yet a member? 
If you're here because you're a wellness influencer who wants to join, click here to apply to be a member.